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Love at First Sight
   *Sheila from Pointless Cafe*
*Sarah from Chalkboardnails*
*Pure Seduction by Jackie from Candy Coated Tips*
*Cupid Hit Me by Leslie from Polish Art Addiction*

Simply Spring
*Parfait Amour Review by Sarah*
*Sex on the Beach by Sarah*
*Flirtini by Sarah*
*April Rain by Sarah*
*Minty Mojito by Sarah*
*April Rain by Whitney*
*April Rain by Amy*
*Flirtini by Amber*
*Minty Mojito by Amber*
*April Rain and Flirtini by Lindsey*
*Minty Mojito by Kelly*
*Flirtini by Kelly*

*Sour Diesel and White Widow by Sarah*
*Incrediberry, Purple Urple, Blueberry Yum Yum, White Widow by Jessica*
*White Widow by Carol*

Birthday Girl
*Flower Girl by Carol*
*Little Miss Sunshine by Amber*

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